One Shot (Jack Reacher #9)


Former military-detective Jack Reacher does not watch television. But, coincidentally, while in the bedroom  of  an attractive woman, he happens to catch the news of a horrible shootout.

It sounds like a closed loop already. Five office-goers were shot dead in the morning near their office building, witnesses  reported seeing flashes of the sniper’s gun while he was shooting from the second level of a nearby parking lot, the police scanned that area and recovered forensic evidence from there, they traced the evidence back to a retired army sniper, then nabbed him from his house while he was asleep, and the media  reported that the culprit had been caught. But had he really?

Reacher, knew the sniper several decades back and had made him a promise. In order to keep that promise, he reaches the city in a hurry. He speaks to the the suspect’s sister, the police, the prosecutor and the defense lawyer. But before Reacher can talk to the arrested sniper, that suspect suffers head injuries in a jail fight. Now the suspect cannot remember his whereabouts during the time of the incident, leading to further difficulties.

Even though he is faced with these handicaps, Reacher does not give up. He begins to analyse the case based on his observations, and his own experience as a medal-winning sharpshooter. His line of inquiry starts to disturb the plans of a secretive group of people. This group will stop at nothing to have him out of the way. But it won’t be easy…because Reacher is easy to catch on, and does not hesitate to use offense as a means of defense.

This book was adapted into a movie Jack Reacher(2012) by Paramount Pictures and starred Tom Cruise. This casting ignited controversy among fans because  Reacher’s physical size (6 feet 5, 220 to  250 pounds) as described in the series makes him a very different creature than Cruise. {In my Fast and Furious Review I’ve specifically rooted for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, because of his physical size even though his ethnicity and facial features are different}. This controversy did not, however, prevent the flick from grossing more than $216 million.

When asked to comment on the choice of Cruise for the book, the author has tried to point out various aspects in which the choice should be weighed.  For a better understanding of Lee’ Childs views, check this video in which he speaks on the issue:-

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