Last Light (Nick Stone # 4)

This is the first Nick Stone thriller (though it’s #4 in the series) that I read, and instantly converted me into a fan of the series. As mentioned in an earlier post, it would be great to see these novels get converted into Hollywood flicks. IMHO Luke Evans (bad guy Owen Shaw from the Fast and Furious 6) would be perfect for the role of Stone.

Former special forces soldier Nick Stone hesitates to carry out a  mission to shoot a youth from China. This results in the failure of Nick and his team of snipers in terminating that target in London.

During the bedlam following the mission, the snipers are shot dead. Nick is arrested and is due to be executed for the disaster. However, he convinces his boss, the Yes Man, that he has secured evidence about the secret mission. He also claims that the problem with the mission was nothing to do with his actions.

His employers desist from killing him (our guess would be that they are motivated by their desire to keep the evidence of the secret mission…you know secret). Also Nick is given another chance to carry out his mission. However, should Nick fail, the lives of Nick and his adopted daughter would be in danger.

The difficulty factor has risen bePanama from data.un.orgcause Nick has to be the lone assassin and because the target is now in Panama, Central America. So Nick must fly over there,  team up with some connections and live there with a false identity.

Nick is in constant danger of failure and there is intrigue in every corner. No one seems to be transparent about what they are. So he must rely on his skills and knowledge to save himself time and again. He must complete the mission in the exotic jungles of Panama, save himself from the opposite party, figure out the agenda of his employers, and keep his private world safe.

PS: What endears Nick Stone to the reader is not his skills in negotiation, first-aid, hand-to-hand combat, jungle navigation and shooting but rather his love for his adopted daughter, his dislike for hurting civilians and his concern for deforestation of Panama.

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