Killing Floor (Jack Reacher #1)

Jack Reacher, a former Military investigator, is just passing by through a small picture-perfect town. He’s a leisure tourist interested in learning about a famous dead singer called Blind Blake, and is chilling out in a diner when he is suddenly arrested by the town’s police. The police claim that he is the perfect suspect for a murder and that they have a tip-off about him being near the crime scene. It is a crime he didn’t commit but one that he will eventually solve.

During the questioning Reacher uses deductive reasoning to persuade the investigator that the murderer is likely to be someone else. Based on the new perspective, the investigation moves ahead and the cops bring in someone for questioning, who is put in jail alongside Reacher for a temporary spell.

During the time in jail, Reacher is attacked. On being released, Reacher decides that he won’t rest till he puts the real perpetuators behind bars, or six feet under the ground.

While conducting his investigation into the murder and related crimes, the protagonist finds time to do all the following:

  1. Play hide-and-seek with assassins
  2. Date a cute policewoman
  3. Punch a few blokes
  4. Fire off some bullets
  5. Ask around about the legend of Blind Blake
  6. Rescue hostages
  7. Travel between towns
  8. Unveil a massive criminal conspiracy
  9. Help the cops in doing good not only for the town but also the country!

{By the way, I may have missed out on a few accomplishments of the super-achiever Jack Reacher.}

At the end, he has the answers to almost all the questions that the readers have — the Why, Who, What, When, How of the crime. The only question that is left unanswered is — Where will Reacher go next and how long will it be before he encounters trouble?

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