Die Trying (Jack Reacher #2)



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Jack Reacher doesn’t go looking for women in distress. But he would never hesitate to offer help to one.

He spots a lady in her late 20s coming out of a dry cleaner’s, one leg injured, carrying laundry, and having let a metal cae fall out of her grasp. She gives him a ‘Would you mind’ look, and he holds the nine laundry bags for her and hands her the cane. He offers her his hand so that she can walk with more ease, and she takes it. But before they can get moving, two men armed with Glock-17 handguns take them hostage.

Despite his military training, Reacher is unwilling to put up a fight because the injured woman will be at a risk as will be innocent civilians around 20 yards behind him. After being kidnapped, the two are taken to an off-road location. The car in which they are kidnapped is burned, and they are then moved onto a truck.

It doesn’t seem to be an kidnapping for money, in fact the bad guys appear to only want to keep both Reacher and the women alive. Reacher learns that  the women is Holly Johnson, a FBI agent. But as she is unwilling to discuss her case he is unable to figure out the reason for the crime.  The truck crosses the borders of various states, and the duo are moved onto various sleeping sites at night. Reacher is constantly on the lookout for a means to escape.  He often comes close to escaping but hates the idea of leaving the injured woman behind. Even if they escape together, it will be at great danger to her.

Slowly, the facts start tumbling out and the danger appears to be escalating. By the time Reacher begins to understand the  nature  of the kidnappers and their motivation, the stakes have risen.  The FBI traces the truck and a  large confrontation between the bad guys and the authorities is at hand, and Reacher and Holly are at risk. However, both of them are no passive acts in the story, and Reacher and Holly help in taking down the villains.

However, the mystery is not solved till the end, and it is only when the puzzle is completed that the threat is finally neutralized.

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