Man of Steel: Welcome Altruistic Alien

With release time comes great responsibility…of watching superhero movies.
— Yours truly 😉

The new superflick flick  from Warner Brothers called Man of Steel begins with Jor El {Russel Crowe} and  Lara Von-Vor {Ayelet Zurer} realizing that the planet Krypton’s core has become unstable and will lead to impending doom. They decide to save the Kryptonian race by sending  their baby son Kal El to Earth in a spacecraft. This spacecraft lands in rural Kansas. The infant is discovered by Martha{Diane Lane} and Jonathan Kent {Kevin Costner}, a farming couple with no child of their own, and named as Clark Kent. Clark (Henry Cavill) is advised to keep his superpowers a secret by his adoptive father Jonathan but as anyone who has watched any trailer knows, Superman finally decides to don the cap and get on with the superhero act.

I think anyone will enjoy Man of Steel as long as they don’t mind the twists in the original Superman by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster for DC-National/DC Comics. It will also help if they don’t expect co-writer Christopher Nolan {writer-director of Batman BeginsThe Dark KnightThe Dark Knight Rises} to make this into a Batman-like movie as Superman as protagonist is very different from Batman {mainly because Batman is a human with gadgets and Superman is an alien with superpowers}. Of course, there are disappointments. Even though Nolan and David S. Goyer {story and screenplay writer} make Superman suffer anguish during his childhood it somehow doesn’t create that much of an emotional impact. Storywise, the effect would’ve been stronger if Superman was younger when his most painful memory was formed and if his acclimatization, self-training,  and  fighting were filmed as harsher mettle-forging experiences. Also Superman’s grief, dilemma, and thought process could’ve been more gripping. 

Despite all this I still rate the movie highly {a 8.5 out of 10}. I feel that director Zac Snyder (famous as the director of 300), and the writers were limited to a large extent with Superman’s persona as given in the comics. The movie does show the progression of the Superman’s character  after he crosses paths with Daily Planet newspaper reporter Lois Lane (great job by Amy Adams). And I loved Lois Lane’s character and the pivotal role she plays. I think the film set the tone for the next Superman and the role that various characters, including Superman, Lois Lane, General Swanwick (Harry Lennix) and Perry White (Lawrence Fishbourne) will play in it.

The movie has definitely capitalized on Kal El’s super-strength and flying ability during the second half of the movie. The fisticuffs  especially on the ground and in the air were visual delights. That alone makes it the trip to the cinema worth it.

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