TripWire (Jack Reacher #3)


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Jack Reacher is in Key West working two jobs. One of them includes digging swimming pools by hand, and the second is that of a night-time bouncer. He is beefed up because of working on his first job and use his muscular bare shirted look at the second to stop trouble before it starts. During the day he takes a break at  4 o’clock in the afternoon and leisurely sips a lot of water in a bar. One day, while Reacher is having some H2O, a 60-something private eye with a New York accent, visits the joint and asks him if he is Jack Reacher. Wishing to stay anonymous, Reacher pretends to be someone else even while finding out that the detective Costello is working with a client called Mrs Jacob. Perhaps Reacher lies to Costello because he wants a break from trouble and action after the events in Killing Floor and Die Trying 🙂

But its tough or perhaps impossible to separate Reacher from where the action is. So, on the same day, while he is at his night-time job, two menacing men come looking for him. He bars their entry and turns them away. But by now, he suspects something is wrong and goes looking for the duo. Instead, he find the detective he met in the afternoon — dead and with fingertips missing. He figures that the two guys who visited the nightclub killed the detective and wants to why the detective was looking for him. He reaches Miami airport and travels to New York trying to piece together the puzzle. He is spotted by the duo at Miami Airport who had come to the nightclub and had killed Costello to learn what he knew. Because they are on a direct flight and Reacher is reaching via an indirect flight, they reach New York earlier. Then they start preparing to take down Reacher and Mrs Jacob.

Meanwhile, during his investigations, Reacher reaches a house where a funeral function is going on. There, he learns that his mentor Leon Garber is dead. He meets Mrs Jacob, the client of the dead detective who turns out to be the beautiful daughter of Garber. After the function, Reacher and Jodie are attacked but they escape death. After this incident, Reacher is determined to find out answers to certain questions pertaining to a cold case that Garber was investigating himself.  The large bulk of the story is thereafter expended in the investigations, which are quite interesting.

Lee Child builds up Reacher to such an extent that it defies imagination. He also builds up the team of villians especially the boss to be super-horribly-creepy-evil and creates the most incredulous climax. Thankfully this time Reacher is in a novel because of his past as a military policeman rather than because he happened to be accidentally passing through some town.

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