The Visitor (Jack Reacher #4)

Reacher hates bullies. He can’t stand the sight of two mob guys collecting money from a newbie restaurant owner. So he takes the law in his huge tough hands. He  pretends to be a member of a rival gang who runs the protection racket in that area — which means the two mobsters are encroaching on his gang’s turf. In the skirmish with them, Reacher knocks them cold. Seen in the act by FBI agents, Reacher is labelled a vigilante. And the FBI is looking for someone who fits the profile of a vigilante to  pin the murders of several women– victims of sexual assault while in the military service and killed by drowning in paint.

The agency knows that Reacher is not their man. But they have him on the charge of assaulting the mobsters, and they could release this information, which would make Reacher’s girlfriend {whom he met  in TripWire} a mob target. So Reacher agrees to help them with the investigation. He starts to use logical deduction to work out the motives and the modus operandi of the perp.

It’s an interesting read till the end cause you’re going through the jigsaw puzzle with Reacher, trying to figure what is happening.

Rating: 8/10. A good read except the ending which was a little too much.

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