Ghanchakkar: Memory Loss and Missing Money

What happens when a bank robber gets into an accident leading to memory loss. This is the crux of the movie Ghanchakkar where Sanjay Atre {played by Emraan Hashmi} forgets where he has kept the bank loot of Rs 35 crore which he was to split with his partners.

Like many Hindi movies, Ghanchakkar is divided into two parts or halves. The first part or half comes before the intermission; the second comes after it. I’ve heard people discuss movies in terms of first-half/first-part and second-half/second-part. Many people in fact expect the ‘major turning point’ or ‘single plot point’ or ‘twist in the tale’ to be linked to the intermission.

However, in the case of Ghanchakkar, the intermission is not linked to the major plot point and is simply a break. It appears smack in the middle of a scene and acts like a false flag — something we realize soon after the scene resumes after the interval. The major plot points are interspersed throughout the movie. Sanjay Atre faces problems in trying to solve the mystery of the missing loot and finally a surprise ending leads us to its discovery.

Rating: 7/10. I went to see a unusual suspense movie and that’s what I saw — kind of.

P.S:  I kept reading bad reviews but the reviews were informative in terms of telling me why I should see the movie. When I clearly understand that the reviewers has specific reasons to dislike the movie and that I am not likely to share those reasons, then it’s a good idea to catch the flick. There are times when some reviewer has recommended a movie, and the rationale  doesn’t appeal to me and I’ve decided against catching the flick.

So my conditional recommendation is: catch this flick if you don’t mind Hindi movies starring Emraan Hashmi and like Vidya Balan’s acting and mystery tales.

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