Amores Perros {Love’s a Bitch}

Amores perros

Amores perros (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rating: 7.5 Out of 10

Why Watch It: It’s experimental and non-linear. It’s the first in the experimental relationship movie trilogy by Director Alejandro González Iñárritu {the others are 21 Grams and Babel}, written by Guillermo Arriaga. The director effectively links up the stories to each other. Each tale deals with different shades of relationship and dogs are pivotal to realizations. And yeah, we do learn that love is a bitch — the concept doesn’t get all lost during the experiment.

Warning: This review like all other reviews on this page contains spoilers.

A dog is let out of the house by mistake. A goon sics his fighting-dog onto this particular dog. The attacked dog kills the aggressor. This incident propels the dog onto a fighting career, and results in big money for a young man {Gael García Bernal} who is its part-owner and who wants the money for his romantic interest. During a dog-fight the previous-mentioned goon shoots this dog and the young man stabs him in retaliation.  A car chase ensues and the young man’s vehicle slams into the car of a supermodel{Goya Toledo}, and the dog is taken by a man wandering the streets{Emilio Echevarría} who lives with lots of dogs. We eventually learn how this incident then affects the relationships and creates emotional dramas for the three protagonists {the young man, the supermodel, the wandering man} of the film.

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