Blue is the Warmest Colour (La Vie d’Adele)

Why Watch It: For its highly acclaimed romantic drama between a teacher (who is initially a young student girl) and a lady artist(initially an art student). For the acting of the two female protagonists. For the character journey of the young teen as she comes of age. For learning why it’s been talked about why it has won Palm D’or award and the British Independent Film Award for Best International Independent Film. For the boldness of film-maker Abdellatif Kechiche who brings the award-winning graphic novel by Julie Maroh¬† to life.

Warning: Plot spoilers ahead

The two stars of La Vie D'Adele (Blue is the W...

The two stars of La Vie D’Adele (Blue is the Warmest Color) on fest tv, startlingly fully clothed. #Cannes (Photo credit: enderzero)

Story: A young student Adele is romantically involved with a young boy but somehow it doesn’t seem to be working between them. Adele secretly fancies a woman with blue-colored hair that she sees walking on the street. She begins to fantasize about that woman.

Seeking to explore her options, Adele thereafter heads off to a lesbian bar where the woman, art student Emma, helps her in handling an odd situation. The seed of friendship is laid and later romance grows between them. The couple keep it a secret from the girl’s parents. But later, Adele completes her studies, becomes a teacher and moves in with the woman artist who treats the teacher as a muse. However, work pressures take their toll and the artist and the teacher hardly spend time with each other. Loneliness affects the relationship and the relationship begins falling apart.

The movie has a lot of sexual content and viewer discretion is encouraged.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5 for the acting by both female protagonists and for the character development of Adele who plays the traveler and the muse of the tale.

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