Hush {Suti}

Female protogonist Beba with her young daughter

Female protogonist Beba with her young daughter

Why Watch It: Just so that we don’t forget what a deep-seated problem child abuse is. And to remind ourselves how a hard-hitting film should be look and feel like.

Disclaimer: Plot spoilers ahead.

Story: Beba {Tihana Lazovic}, while giving a bath to her little daughter, discovers signs of sexual abuse. She confronts her drug-dealing husband Mirko {Zivko Anocic} about and it becomes obvious that he was the rapist. During the fight that ensues he hits her and walks out and she stabs him on the leg with a scissor as he is leaving. Terribly upset, she settles in the bath with her daughter and puts on the gas, presumably to commit suicide and kill her daughter.

Then she looks back at her past and remembers various horrific incidents. Her mother {Lana Baric} was always ill and her father {Milan Plestina} was a rough man. One fine day, her father left along with the mother and gave her and her brother in the care of a porn maker. When she and her brother grew up to be teens, her father was back in their lives and tearing off her clothes on camera for the porn movies. When her father got violent with her at one point of time, her brother attacked with a hammer. But the father took the hammer from him and crushed the head of the brother.

Later Beba was in jail and got romantically involved with Mirko, when she learned through a letter about about her father’s death. She then married Mirko but the celebration was marred by her husband’s friend rape attempt on the jail’s official.

After recalling all these events, she takes a decision and sends her daughter to go to a particular neighbor and report the crime. She continues sitting in the bath even as she imagines that her dead mother has joined her there. She tells her dead mother that as a child she could not tell during her childhood about what had been done to her.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars. I strongly recommend watching this Croatian film written and directed by Lucas Nola. To make it a perfect for me as a viewer, I would have liked the female protagonist to go along with the young daughter who is after all a small child.