The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Why Watch It: Because it’s brilliant. And it’s filled with magical and touching moments. And its twist and turns are actually  filled with a lot of meaning. And its end is sweet and ties in everything really well.

Warning: Plot spoilers ahead! Jump ship before you learn too much  🙂

Review: This is a movie that is fun to watch, nice to think about, and cool to discuss. At least, if you share my tastes.

The flick revolves around the real and the imagined lives of Walter Mitty. He is attracted to a particular woman in his office who is also on a relationship/date website. But he hasn’t found the nerve to ask her out. Actually, he hasn’t had the nerve to do a lot of things — at least not the adventurous kind of things. So he keeps zoning out and enacting cute/bizarre action sequences in his daydreams.

Meanwhile Life magazine, where Walter works, begins to see some admin changes and pink  slips being handed out. At   this point of time, the magazine is gearing up for a special anniv issue. However, the negative print of the cover page photo seems to be missing. Walter must now trace the incommunicado photographer and get the missing print. Walter must step out of his office and grab hold of the shutterbug. The journeys Walter undertakes to get the missing print, as well  his experiences during his travels, keep you engaged as a viewer and kinda inspire you to go on your own adventures.

Rating: 5 Out of 5. Watch it and get inspired.