The protagonist about to approach his romantic interest while the killer is about to attack

The protagonist approaching his romantic interest while the killer is stalking him


Why watch It: To admire the direction of Singeetham Rao and the acting of Kamal Hassan in this sweet silent film about an unemployed man who takes over the identity of a rich man.

Warning: Plot spoilers ahead

Story: A man seems to be trying hard to get a job. One day, he sees a pretty lady in a store but cannot muster the courage to approach her. However, later, while standing outside a job interview location, he sees the lady in a car and they exchange smiles. The lady looks at a luxury car on which he is leaning, and gestures Very Good. The man does not clear her misunderstanding about him being rich. Meanwhile, the vacancy gets filled up before his turn arrives. As the man heads back, he sees a rich man arriving at the grand Hotel Pushpak. Later, the unemployed man finds the same rich man, lying drunk on the street, carrying keys of the hotel. The unemployed man imprisons the rich man in his residence, and takes on the identity of his prisoner.

The man then checks into Hotel Pushpak. There he experiences the positives and negatives of his alternative/false identity. On one hand, he has to handle the blossoming romance between him and the lady who is a guest on the same floor of the hotel. On the other hand, he has to survive assassin who uses knives made of ice. Of course, he realizes that the actions of the lady and the assassin are influenced by who they assume him to be, i.e. the rich hotel guest.

The lessons the man learns as a result of his experiences, and the decisions he makes, thereafter, constitute the gist of the movie.

Rating: 4 out of 5. At times the pace sags a wee bit. However, many of the scenes are well-crafted and the acting is quite good. Also the lack of dialogues makes it ideal for people of all languages.